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Planning Energy for a Sustainable World

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PPA Energy is a Business Practice of Ricardo-AEA




PPA Energy has joined the Ricardo plc group as a new consultancy practice of wholly owned subsidiary Ricardo-AEA, whose services include providing UK and international public and private sector clients with advice on renewable energy strategy and implementation, carbon markets, and climate change. The addition of PPA Energy will provide a valuable extension to Ricardo-AEA’s consulting capability in the energy and power sectors. Please see more details here.

PPA Energy is one of the UK's leading energy and management consultants. PPA Energy's team comprises a group of highly experienced professionals specialising in techno-economic and management consultancy services for the energy sector, with particular emphasis on the power sector, renewable energy and other electricity projects. The strength of PPA Energy is our ability to combine strategic, financial/economic and technical advice as an integrated consultancy service to public and private sector clients.

We have worked with a broad range of clients, including multi-lateral lending agencies, governments, regulators, electricity companies, natural resources companies and private developers in over 90 countries (28 in Africa).