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PPA Energy is a Business Practice of Ricardo Energy & Envionment


Active Energy Networks

There is an enormous expectation developing that the electricity network of the future will have a markedly different form from that which was put in place by the network planners of the late 20th century.  

Although often described in terms of separate functions, the electricity network is one interconnected item.  The high-voltage transmission network is growing in complexity as large intermittent generation affects system balancing, as condition monitoring feeds into network operation, and as wide-area monitoring and control is deployed.  Low and medium-voltage distribution network need to be readied for very large numbers of small scale generators, for changing patterns of supply and increased variability of consumption.  There is also a very large and aging asset base which will require more active monitoring and management to rise to the challenges presented.

PPA energy are actively involved in strategic development of solutions for the continuous on-line monitoring of cables, switchgear and overhead lines.  

By "active distribution network" we mean something wider than the common usage which concentrates on voltage control.

We include risk profiling and management, smarter, faster fault management to reduce customer interruptions, capacity enhancement of existing assets, fault level management, active loss management and many other functions.

An optimisation analysis tool for electrical networks and associated infrastructures: to provide real-time control via financial manipulation of energy stores, generators and loads.  Provided for the operation and planning of distributed renewable energy networks and ESCos.

Kestrel Active Loss Management Toolset          
An active network management toolset for producing real time data from a sparse network of advanced sensors and the location, measurement and management of system losses.

Zefal Generators for Active Urban Networks
Innovations that can facilitate the timely connection of new generation, while maintaining levels of system security and minimising the impact of constraints.  Optimised generators, designed for network compatibility: “A model network citizen” Toward neutral behaviour during network disturbance; i.e. neither “disconnection” nor “ride through” visible.