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PPA Energy is one of the UK's leading energy and management consultants. PPA Energy's team comprises a group of highly experienced professionals specialising in techno-economic and management consultancy services for the energy sector, with particular emphasis on the power sector.

We have since built up an enviable track record and a good reputation of delivering high quality advice, focused in the following thematic areas.


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We have worked with a broad range of clients, including multi-lateral lending agencies, governments, regulators, electricity companies, natural resources companies and private developers in over 90 countries.

Key strengths:

  • Integrated Approach:  the ability to combine strategic, financial/economic and technical advice as an integrated consultancy service in the development of the power and energy sector.
  • Extensive Experienced Core Team: PPA’s core team has extensive experience and a track record of managing large, complex studies and working with a range of trusted partners to deliver such multi-disciplinary projects, whether as a project leader or team member.
  • Highly Educated Staff and Professional Experts: The key professional staff of PPA Energy are experts in the energy field, and all of our Directors have more than 15 to 30 years engineering and managerial experiences in the Energy Sector. Furthermore, PPA Energy works with a range of around 50 professional associates who can provide specialist skills to individual projects.
  • International Experienced in over 90 countries: there is no "one size fits all" solution to the problems in PPA Energy’s services. We believe that each problem requires consideration of the organisational, regulatory, economic and technical issues which it presents and a sharply focused analytical approach to the identification of the optimum solution.
  • World Leading Smart-Grid Solutions: we have access to world leading smart-grid solutions for optimising connections and performance.