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PPA Energy is a Business Practice of Ricardo-AEA



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PPA Energy exhibited at the Low Carbon Networks Fund Conference 2013

9th December 2013

PPA Energy teamed up with Capula to exhibit their recent work on the Distribution Network Visibility (DNV) Project at the Low Carbon Networks Fund Conference 2013.  The Conference took place on 13th-14th November in Brighton.  It was co-hosted by UK Power Networks.

PPA Energy supports the building of an Elephant Pump

24th October 2013
PPA Energy’s water cooler supplier AquAid makes a regular donation to The Africa Trust on our behalf for every product we obtain from them. These funds are used to build water wells, also known as Elephant Pumps.

PPA Energy provides sponsorship for volunteers helping the Kwasa Centre

1st August 2013
PPA Energy is proud to have provided sponsorship to a group of 13 teenagers from Guildford in the UK, where the company has its headquarters, towards a trip they have made to work with the Kwasa Centre in Johannesburg.  Kwasa is a pre-school for the informal settlement of Vukuzenzele outside the town of Springs.

PPA Energy awarded IRP and Tariff Study in Sierra Leone

18th July 2013

The Government of Sierra Leone commissioned PPA Energy to undertake an assessment as to the optimal programme and strategy for the future development and structure of the power sector in the country, and to determine cost reflective tariffs for end customers. 

PPA Energy presented a Paper at Cired 2013

18th June 2013

PPA Energy's paper Secondary substation load profiling - identification and visualisation of changes, reference 1254 has been successfully presented as a Poster presentation at CIRED 2013