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The strength of any consultancy business lies in its personnel

The key professional staff of PPA Energy are experts in the energy field, and they all have between fifteen and thirty years of experience. Their technical and economic analytical skills are complemented by their extensive experience within the international energy sector. PPA Energy staff have worked on energy projects in over 90 countries around the world, including all the major regions. Their international experience covers projects financed by a wide range of private and public clients, including virtually all the leading international development agencies. Brief bio-data, key qualifications and experience of our senior staff are presented below.


Neil Pinto - Chief Executive Officer

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Neil Pinto is the CEO of PPA Energy.  He has more than 30 years international experience of work in the power sector, of which 18 years has been spent as a Director in a consultancy company.  He is a Chartered Engineer and is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).  Neil has focused on studies associated with the restructuring of power utilities, regulatory reviews, assessment and analysis of new capacity requirements, assistance in the developmental process for private power projects and the electricity pricing. 

Contact neil.pinto@ricardo.com

Don Webster - Executive Director

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Don Webster is an Executive Director of PPA Energy. He is a Chartered Engineer and has worked in the power sector for around 25 years. The earlier part of his career was involved with the design of hydropower schemes, but since completing an MBA in the late-1980s he has been almost exclusively involved with providing economic, financial and strategic advice to power utilities and private power entities. He has also assisted development agencies with energy policy interventions in sub-Saharan Africa, and with the design of assistance programmes for the energy sector.

Contact don.webster@ricardo.com

Tony Woods - Chief Financial Officer

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Tony Woods is PPA Energy’s Chief Financial Officer.  He joined the company in April 2008.  Prior to this he was for three years the Commercial Director of Cre8 Innovation Solutions Ltd, having previously worked since the early 1970's for EDF Energy (now UK Power Networks) and its predecessor companies – particularly London Electricity.  He has held many roles dealing with aspects of the commercial and financial activities of the electricity industry, including managing the commercial and financial teams for the EDF Energy distribution businesses. 

Contact tony.woods@ricardo.com

Dr Graeme Chown - Executive Director (South Africa)

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Dr Graeme Chown is an Executive Director for PPA Energy (Pty) Ltd in South Africa and manages all local activities.

Graeme is a  power systems specialist.  His core skills are in ancillary services, SCADA and real time power control.  Graeme joined PPA Energy in January 2005.  Previously he worked for 18years for Eskom, the main power utility in South Africa.  He has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and is a member of the South African Institute for Electrical Engineers.

Contact graeme.chown@ppaenergy.co.za

Sarah Carter - Executive Director

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Sarah is a Chartered Engineer with over 20 years of experience in power consultancy.  Since joining PPA Sarah has been involved with a wide variety of projects including project managing a LNCF Tier 1 project considering the development of tools to increase the visibility of distribution network information for technical and commercial decision-making by system operators and planners and the development of a transmission pricing model for the Southern African Power Pool and the development of a wheeling charging model for Jamaica. Sarah is currently involved with the Smart Grid Forum WS7 DS2030 project and is providing support to the ENA in respect of the integration of the EU Network Codes into GB documentation.

Contact sarah.carter@ricardo.com

Jonathan Hedgecock - Executive Director

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Jonathan Hedgecock is an Executive Director of PPA and has worked in power sector consultancy for the past 22 years, initially focusing on transmission and distribution system planning and analysis. This involved him in numerous assignments in the international electricity sector, undertaking least cost network development studies and power system simulation projects for public and private sector clients. With the growth in electricity sector reform internationally, Jonathan worked increasingly with IPP developers on the evaluation of opportunities for connecting new power plants to the transmission and distribution networks.

Contact jonathan.hedgecock@ricardo.com 

Cliff Walton - Executive Director

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Cliff Walton is an acknowledged international expert in the management of power network assets, particularly in the optimisation of performance of ageing network assets. Previously Head of Strategic Development for EDF Energy Networks, he has extensive experience in engineering, innovation, commercial, financial, business process and technology change activities. He has had a wide range of roles and responsibilities in both power and telecommunications.

Contact cliff.walton@ricardo.com

Trevor Fry - Principal Consultant

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Trevor Fry has worked in energy consultancies for more than 35 years, covering the renewable energy, networks and regulatory fields.   In addition, he has gained specialist experience in post-conflict infrastructure rehabilitation, capacity building and institutional strengthening through recent management and advisory roles in East Timor and Iraq, with the United Nations. Trevor has worked extensively as the team leader and energy expert on project preparation and development in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America and the Pacific Islands

Contact Trevor.Fry@ricardo.com

Maite Pina - Principal Consultant

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Maite is a Principal Consultant at PPA Energy and has over 13 years experience in the power and clean energy-tech sector. She has worked in a variety of roles from Private equity and advisory to project development and management/strategy consultancy.

Maite has been involved in providing consulting services to SME and start-up companies mainly in the energy and technology sector which included among others risk assessment, asset valuation as well as analytical and strategic advice.

Contact Maite.Pina@ricardo.com

Lovemore Chilimanzi - Principal Consultant

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Lovemore’s core skills are in power system strategic management, operations and electricity trading having worked in this area for over 30 years before joining PPA Energy. He has operated in Hydro and Thermal power stations; and on transmission networks in Zimbabwe and Botswana. He has negotiated, implemented and managed numerous power purchase agreements; and has negotiated, procured and managed power plant contracts. He is a founder member of the Southern African Power Pool who was a key member in formulation, implementation, monitoring and revising the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) control performance criteria and the SAPP regional trading rules that enabled launching of a competitive electricity market in the Southern African Region.

Contact: lovemore.chilimanzi@ppaenergy.co.za

Claire Newton - Senior Consultant

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Claire is a chartered engineer who joined PPA Energy after graduating from Imperial College with a first class MEng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, specialising in power systems.  At PPA Energy Claire carries out the analysis of generation, transmission and distribution projects and systems for utilities, industrial companies and regulators internationally. 

Claire is currently working on a project called Flexible Urban Networks – Low Voltage (FUN-LV).  FUN-LV is an innovation project aiming to demonstrate power electronics solutions on low voltage distribution networks to facilitate the transition to low carbon networks.

Contact claire.newton@ricardo.com

Mohammad Arbaaz Nayeem - Senior Consultant

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Arbaaz Nayeem has 6 years of work experience in development consulting. His work experience in strategic and management consulting covers various countries in Asia and Africa. Prior to joining PPA Energy,  Arbaaz served as Project Director for various high profile assignments.

Contact: arbaaz.nayeem@ricardo.com


Borsu Shahnavaz - Consultant

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Borsu Shahnavaz is an engineer with over 8 years of experience in energy sector. He has an MSc in Engineering projects and System Managements from Kingston University, UK and MSc in Mining Engineering from Tehran Polytechnic.

Borsu is currently working on a LCNF Tier 1 project in order to increase visibility of a distribution network and create a decision support system for planners and network operators.

Contact a.shahnavaz@ricardo.com

Rahul N Desai - Consultant

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Rahul is a power professional with over 6 years of hands on work experience in the Power Sector.  Rahul holds an MBA from University of Leeds, UK and a Power Engineering degree from National Power Training Institute, New Delhi, India.

Whilst at PPA Energy, Rahul has worked on various projects such as Bangladesh framework performance management, Kenya market analyse, and South Africa Eskom's governor models.

Contact rahul.desai@ricardo.com

John Snow - Consultant

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John Snow joined PPA Energy after successful completion of a Knowledge Transfer Partnership between Cardiff University and PPA Energy. John has experience of power system innovation and his main roles evolve around developing solutions to improve network performance and management.

John holds a MSc in Electrical Energy Systems and a BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Cardiff University.

Contact john.snow@ricardo.com

Thomas Amram - Consultant

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Thomas joined PPA Energy after graduating from the French university Ecole Centrale de Lille in 2012 with a first class Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, specialising in renewable energy, electricity networks and utilities. Thomas also holds a MSc in Project Management and gained certifications PRINCE2 Foundation and MSP Foundation and has developed a bilingual French/English proficiency. At PPA Energy Thomas carries out the analysis of generation projects, tariff and system planning studies for utilities, private companies and regulators in Africa, Asia and South America.

Contact thomas.amram@ricardo.com

Olivia Carpenter - Consultant

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Olivia is a power engineer with a masters’ degree specialising in ‘New and Renewable Energy’. Before joining PPA Energy, Olivia gained 3 years’ experience in the energy industry working for a major utility, gaining experience in conventional and renewable generation, and home and energy system end use innovation. During this time she became technical and project lead for a number of these projects.

Contact: olivia.carpenter@ricardo.com

Eibhlin Lee - Consultant

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Eibhlin graduated from Imperial College London in 2014 with a MEng degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

While at university she specialised in power engineering. Her final year project involved designing and building a protection device for generators using synchrophasors.

Contact: eibhlin.lee@ricardo.com 

Amy Wu Henry - Marketing Analyst

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Amy is a chartered marketer and holds a MSc in International Marketing Management. Since joining PPA Energy Amy has been involved with marketing strategy and analysis, events/marketing activities planning, publication designs and website management within the Company and for clients.

Amy specialises in sales and marketing management. She has over 16 years experience in diverse industries across UK, USA and China. Her marketing analytical skills and trading knowledge have successfully developed business into much broader range of markets.

Contact amy.henry@ricardo.com

Jane Temperley - Office Manager

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Jane Temperley has been with  PPA  for 16 years.  As Office Manager Jane is responsible for the smooth day to day running of PPA Energy’s Guildford Office and providing support and administration to the directors and consultants of the company.  Jane’s other responsibilities include working closely with the marketing team to ensure quality control and timely delivery of expressions of interest and proposals, she also provides support to the project managers by organising flights, accommodation etc for domestic and overseas visits. 

Contact jane.temperley@ricardo.com

Dianne Vercueil - Office Administrator

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Dianne Vercueil is the office administrator for the South African Office of PPA Energy.  Dianne looks after all the admin related aspects for the South African office including invoicing, and is the main point of contact when the consultants are overseas. Providing administrative support to the South African PPA Energy consultants by arranging all aspects of their overseas trips including flight bookings, accommodation etc is also a large part of Dianne’s remit. 

Contact dianne.vercueil@ppaenergy.co.za