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Dianne Vercueil - Office Administrator

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Dianne Vercueil is the office administrator for the South African Office of PPA Energy.  Dianne looks after all the admin related aspects for the South African office including invoicing, and is the main point of contact when the consultants are overseas. Providing administrative support to the South African PPA Energy consultants by arranging all aspects of their overseas trips including flight bookings, accommodation etc is also a large part of Dianne’s remit. 

Project support is another important part of Dianne”s role, for instance ensuring that the training facilities and accommodation are suitable for the various training courses run by the South African Office.  Dianne also provides exceptional customer support assisting the clients that will be attending training with arranging the accommodation and any other issues they have during the training course.

Contact dianne.vercueil@ppaenergy.co.za

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