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Cliff Walton - Executive Director

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Cliff Walton is an acknowledged international expert in the management of power network assets, particularly in the optimisation of performance of ageing network assets.  Previously Head of Strategic Development for EDF Energy Networks, he has extensive experience in engineering, innovation, commercial, financial, business process and technology change activities.  He has had a wide range of roles and responsibilities in both power and telecommunications.

Cliff was a founding Patron of the Institute of Asset Management and is Past Chair of the IEEE UK & RI Power Engineering Society. In addition, he has worked and consulted around the world on issues relating to power distribution networks.  He has also been involved in the development of a wide range of business cases for the commercial exploitation of utility assets (regulated and unregulated) including acquisition and operation of private networks.  Cliff is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of IET, Senior member of IEEE, member of the Institute of Asset Management, and a Visiting Professor at Imperial College London.  He is an authority on asset ageing and condition monitoring in power distribution networks, and has a wide range of research interests in development of technologies relating to renewable generation, smart networks and sustainability.

Contact cliff.walton@ricardo.com

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