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Olivia Carpenter - Consultant

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Olivia is a power engineer with a masters’ degree specialising in ‘New and Renewable Energy’. Before joining PPA Energy, Olivia gained 3 years’ experience in the energy industry working for a major utility, gaining experience in conventional and renewable generation, and home and energy system end use innovation. During this time she became technical and project lead for a number of these projects.

Since joining PPA Energy in 2013, Olivia has contributed to a wide range of projects, both in the UK and internationally. This has included the review of guide documents for the connection of generation to the Distribution Network, a tariff study and load forecast for the rural areas of Sierra Leone, developing the technical tender documentation for the development of a solar and storage based electricity system for a number of remote islands, and a large network innovation project.  More recently, she has managed and driven a project providing consultancy advice and services on the subject of operational expenditure within electricity, gas, heat and hydrogen energy networks. Olivia has also been involved in the development of a number of technical electricity network innovation concepts and proposals. 

Contact: olivia.carpenter@ricardo.com

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