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Sarah Carter - Executive Director

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Sarah is a Chartered Engineer with over 20 years of experience in power consultancy.  Since joining PPA Sarah has been involved with a wide variety of projects including project managing a LNCF Tier 1 project considering the development of tools to increase the visibility of distribution network information for technical and commercial decision-making by system operators and planners and the development of a transmission pricing model for the Southern African Power Pool and the development of a wheeling charging model for Jamaica. Sarah is currently involved with the Smart Grid Forum WS7 DS2030 project and is providing support to the ENA in respect of the integration of the EU Network Codes into GB documentation.

She has used her considerable experience of power systems in the development of the technical quality of supply and reliability guidelines for the African Forum for Utility Regulators, a technical review and loss calculation for a private UK network, advising on technical loss reduction studies in both Bangladesh and Uganda and a project considering future options for increasing power supplies in high density urban situations.

Currently Sarah is working with the ENA, developing options for the implementation of the European Network Codes and their integration with the existing GB distribution documents.

Contact sarah.carter@ricardo.com

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