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Tony Woods - Chief Financial Officer

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Tony Woods is PPA Energy’s Chief Financial Officer.  He joined the company in April 2008.  Prior to this he was for three years the Commercial Director of Cre8 Innovation Solutions Ltd, having previously worked since the early 1970's for EDF Energy (now UK Power Networks) and its predecessor companies – particularly London Electricity.  He has held many roles dealing with aspects of the commercial and financial activities of the electricity industry, including managing the commercial and financial teams for the EDF Energy distribution businesses. 

He has extensive experience of UK practice in the management of electricity networks and the energy sector generally and has participated in most elements of managing a large utility business including having major roles in numerous regulatory reviews, leading a team charged with implementing the separation of distribution and supply businesses and having involvement in asset valuation and other activities during the purchase of several network businesses.  He has a wide range of practical knowledge of pricing policy, the formulation of use of system charges, associated billing and data-gathering issues, and commercial and contractual relationships. He also has extensive experience of the development of incentive strategies for driving cost reductions in the management of power distribution assets.  He brings specific expertise in the issues surrounding price formulation for power systems, and also in designing and implementing commercial change programmes for loss reduction, management of billing and commercial data gathering and settlement in electricity markets.

Recently Tony has taken a leading role in several assignments for Ofgem including on transmission and system operator price controls, and the assessment of bids for funding from the Low Carbon Networks Fund, has participated in a due diligence assessment of a utility in South America as part of the planning for a proposed hydro-electricity project, undertaken assignments for the Irish energy regulator focused on elements of transmission and distribution charging, and co-ordinated and supported the programmes of two groups of UK Universities examining the future development of electricity networks.

Tony is a visiting professor at Imperial College, London, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and a Chartered Global Management Accountant.  Between 2000 and 2009 he was also a non executive director of Electralink Ltd - the Company which provides the data transfer network to the competitive electricity supply market in the UK and a range of other data management related and governance services.

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