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Dr Graeme Chown - Executive Director (South Africa)

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Dr Graeme Chown is a power system operations specialist.  His core skills are in ancillary services, generation unit control, SCADA and real time power control.  Graeme joined PPA Energy in January 2005.  Previously, he worked for 18 years for Eskom, the main power utility in South Africa.  He has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and is a member of the South African Institute for Electrical Engineers.

Graeme has led many major projects covering coal-fired power station control systems design, commissioning and optimisation.  He assisted Eskom with Automatic Generation Control, constrained dispatch, training simulator and load forecast applications specification, detailed design, acceptance testing, commissioning and optimisation of their new SCADA system purchased from Areva-TD.  One of his focus areas is Automatic Generation Control systems specification and design, including the design of a fuzzy logic controller, and the frequency control redesign of the Southern African Power Pool.  He has undertaken scheduling and dispatch, ancillary services and balancing markets design and review for the Eskom Power Pool, Thailand and Southern African Power Pool, including financial analysis, technical performance monitoring, controller training and certification procedures. 

Graeme was part of the team that drafted the South African, Tanzanian and Rwanda grid codes, notably in the development of the generation connection conditions and system operations codes.  Graeme has also advised Namibia on changes to their grid codes.  Graeme has tested all the major power stations control systems, developed governor models, performed frequency studies and analysed the impact of a proposed wind farm for CEB Mauritius.

Graeme has written many papers for the IEEE, SAIEE and other journals on the topics of ancillary services and frequency control.  He is the South African representative for PPA Energy and manages all local activities.  Since 2005, Graeme has been an external examiner for the 3rd, 4th year and postgraduate control courses offered by the School of Electrical Engineering, University of the Witwatersrand, in advanced control techniques and signal processing, and has also been external examiner for selected M.Sc. Eng. dissertations majoring in control.

Language skills: English and Afrikaans


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