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Borsu Shahnavaz - Consultant

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Borsu Shahnavaz is an engineer with over 8 years of experience in energy sector. He has an MSc in Engineering projects and System Managements from Kingston University, UK and MSc in Mining Engineering from Tehran Polytechnic.

Borsu is currently working on a LCNF Tier 1 project in order to increase visibility of a distribution network and create a decision support system for planners and network operators. Borsu also has been involved in various other projects including development of a wheeling charging model for Jamaica, development of a generation planning model for Uganda, research and development of a decision support system for energy policy makers in the EU countries, research and development of an online condition monitoring system for a UK base client and developing an information system for performance management in power sector in Bangladesh covering KPI analysis of six power utility.  He is also involved in development of a bespoke project tracking application covering timesheet management and project reporting.

Borsu has also experienced working in the oil and gas industry and Geochemical Exploration. He worked in a multi-disciplinary team in NIOC to improve the recoverable reserves in Iran. He has a broad knowledge of the energy industry from initial reserve evaluation to economic analysis of assets.

Borsu has experience working in the Middle East and speaks Persian and has a good knowledge of Arabic.

Language skills: English and Farsi

Contact a.shahnavaz@ricardo.com

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