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Ireland System Services DS3 Review

Date: May 2013
Poyry on behalf of Commission for Energy Regulation | Location: Ireland
Area of Expertise: Energy Regulation
Project Manager: Jonathan Hedgecock
Contact: jonathan.hedgecock@ppaenergy.co.uk

Description of Project:

Review of proposed System Services (enhanced ancillary services) for Ireland for the Irish Energy Regulatory Authorities.  These services were proposed by the TSO’s in Ireland in order to facilitate an instantaneous System Non Synchronous Penetration (SNSP) of 75% in 2020. The proposed enhanced services included System Inertia Response, Fast Frequency Response, Enhanced Ramping Duty, Enhanced Voltage Control.

The review covered the technical, financial, performance and contracting aspects of the proposed Services.

Description of  services :

PPA Energy scope covered the technical, performance and costing aspects of the review.


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