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Date: May 2014
UKPN | Location: United Kingdom
Area of Expertise: Smart Grids
Project Manager: Cliff Walton
Contact: Cliff.Walton@ppaenergy.co.uk

Project Description:

PPA Energy was appointed by the UK Power Networks to develop and implement Directional Earth Fault Passage Indicators (DFPI) prototypes in the London Power Networks. LPN operate a significant number of HV feeder systems paralleled with directional overcurrent protection supplying some 800 substation where there can be difficulties in identifying the faulty section of HV circuits as fault current flow through all meshed circuits.  The results are that conventional Earth Fault Passage Indicator (EFPIs) only indicate that fault current have passed but not the direction which is of little assistance in locating the faulted section.  The advent of smart meshed networks with embedded generators providing fault current contributions may mean a DEFPI needs to become standard everywhere.

Description of Services:

  •  Agreeing outline specifications and interfaces with UKPN operational IT systems
  •  Development and bench testing of basic DEFPI concepts
  •  Establishing a test facility and obtaining test results from a meshed HV network at UKPNs LPN Operational Training Network
  •  Test of basic DEFPI concepts and validation of prototypes at the training facility
  •  Installation and commissioning of demonstration DEFPIs with existing RTUs
  •  Facilitate testing of other DEFPI systems
  •  Installation of 50 demonstration DEFPI units on selected circuits
  •  Collection and analysis of events, comparison of data from other DEFI systems and development of reporting systems
  •  Recommendations on solutions and potential for economic roll out