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EU Network Codes

Date: February 2014
ENA | Location: United Kingdom
Area of Expertise: Smart Grids
Project Manager: Jonathan Hedgecock
Contact: jonathan.hedgecock@ppaenergy.co.uk

Project Description:
The project is providing support to the Energy Networks Association (ENA) in with the implementation of the European Network Codes that are being developed by ENTSOE.  The initial phase was to provide assistance to the newly established European Codes Co-ordination and Advisory Forum (ECCAF) and a joint GCRP/DCRP Work Group to advise on the possible changes needed to the Grid Code, Distribution Code and Engineering Recommendations in Great Britain that could be affected by the new European Codes

Description of Services Provided
This initial phase related to a high level review of all the codes in respect of their applicability to the Distribution System and more detailed assessment and mapping of the Requirements for Generators (RfG) and the Demand Connection Code (DCC).  This involved the preparation of briefing and presentational material in respect of the drafting options for integration of the EU Codes into the GB documentation.