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Smart Urban LV Network

Date: September 2014
UK Power Networks | Location: United Kingdom
Area of Expertise: Smart Grids
Project Manager: Cliff Walton
Contact: Cliff.Walton@ppaenergy.co.uk

Project Description:

As part of an LCNF tier 1 project, UKPN have developed a new solid-state switching technology for use on Low Voltage (LV) distribution networks. The Smart Urban LV project will carry out a large-scale trial of the technology in two areas within the London LV network. Up to 60 secondary substations will be equipped with circuit breakers and 140 link boxes with switches or demand monitoring devices. PPA Energy was appointed by the UK Power Networks to validate a power system analysis tool, DPlan for LV modelling of the London Power Network.

Description of Services:

PPA Energy's main areas including:

  • Validation of the LV power system DPLNA models and enhancement of processes for model establishment
  • Contribution to the SULV Case studies including interface with the Planning and Control Engineers

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