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Tariff Study and Demand Forecast

Date: June 2014
Artelia | Location: Republic of Congo
Area of Expertise: Power Sector Planning
Project Manager: Neil Pinto
Contact: neil.pinto@ppaenergy.co.uk

Description of Project:

Tariff Study in Republic of Congo. This included a Demand Forecast and a Cost of Service Study to calculate the optimal average annual tariff ensuring full cost-recovery for the national vertically integrated utility SNE. A review of the existing tariff structure and a large survey by industrial customers were performed and enabled to propose a new tariff structure including tariffs by customer categories. Finally a number of recommendations were addressed to ensure the sustainability of the power sector in Congo, including administrative, legal, technical and organizational considerations. Local stakeholders were involved throughout the project through meetings and regular workshops.

Description of actual services provided

PPA Energy were sub consultants to Artelia . PPA Energy had the prime responsibility of the Demand Forecast and the Tariff Structure Redesign, and contributed to data collection activities including preparing the questionnaires and conducting interviews on site. PPA Energy also contributed to the affordability assessment study, the tariff indexation methodology and the formulation of recommendations for the sustainability of the power sector. PPA Energy animated sessions with local stakeholders during two intermediary workshop and highlighted the main results during a final workshop held in Brazzaville.

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