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FUN-LV Main Project

Date: January 2014
UK Power Networks | Location: United Kingdom
Area of Expertise: Smart Grids
Project Manager: Claire Newton
Contact: claire.newton@ppaenergy.co.uk

Project Description:

Flexible Urban Networks – Low Voltage (FUN-LV) is an £8.86 million led by UK Power Networks that received funding under Tier 2 of Ofgem’s Low Carbon Network Fund.  PPA Energy is a project partner.  Other partners include Imperial College Consultants, GE Digital Energy Services (UK) and CGI UK.  FUN-LV seeks to explore how LV networks could be used in a more flexible way as an alternative to traditional reinforcement. The project is trialling the use of a combination of power electronics (soft open points), informational tools and network reconfiguration capabilities to facilitate the connection of low carbon technologies at LV.  The project commenced January 2014 and will last for three years.

Description of Services Provided

PPA Energy was extensively involved in scoping the overall project. Our initial inputs have been in site selection and network architecture then primarily in Work Stream 3 Network Awareness and Process Improvement that include: real-time LV control (e.g. developing dynamic rating and forecasting algorithms); LV network planning (using monitoring and tools to estimate the impact and benefits of power electronics); and demonstrating enhanced network operations and the development of associated visualisation tools.