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Technical Assistance for Transmission Investment Planning and Financing

Date: February 2014
EVNNPT | Location: Viet Nam
Area of Expertise: Energy Regulation, Power Sector Planning
Project Manager: Don Webster
Contact: don.webster@ppaenergy.co.uk

Project Description:

EVNNPT is a relatively new entity within the Vietnam power sector and is responsible for 500kV and 220kV transmission lines and substations.  EVNNPT is also responsible for implementing the Transmission Plan element of the 10-year Power Master Development Plan (PMDP).  The aim of the project was to assist EVNNPT improve its processes and procedures, approaches and methodologies, relating to investment planning and financing for HV transmission lines and substations.

Description of Services Provided

Task 1 was to prepare a diagnostic report, following a review of: applicable regulations, decisions and instructions; processes and procedures currently used by EVNNPT; current processes for conducting feasibility studies and evaluating economic and financial viability; existing regulations and instructions relating to economic and financial evaluation.

Task 2 was to conduct a stakeholder workshop covering the findings of Task 1.

Task 3 covered the consultants main recommendations: methodologies for conducting economic and financial analysis; valuation criteria for benefits and determining discount rates; developing economic and financial models for evaluating transmission projects; incorporate risk analysis to the evaluation process and models; integration of EVNNPT’s safeguards with the economic and financial analysis; financial criteria and resource mobilisation strategies; and, flag policy issues for discussion with EVNNPT and the Ministry.

Task 4 was a stakeholder workshop covering Task 3 recommendations.

Task 5 was a training workshop.

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