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Market Assessment for Solar Project in Ghana

Date: August 2014
Confidential | Location: Ghana
Area of Expertise: Low Carbon and Sustainability, Power Sector Planning
Project Manager: Don Webster
Contact: don.webster@ppaenergy.co.uk

Project Description:

The client wished to develop an understanding as to the opportunity for, and impact of, a solar project in Ghana. An understanding was developed as to the opportunity which might be available for a solar generator to displace oil fired plant during the day. The development of a simple cash flow model for the power sector in Ghana allowed the client to develop an understanding of the potential impact on system costs of a large solar project.  More broadly, the client was seeking confirmation that there is a role for a large solar project in the Ghana power system, for an extended period into the future, and that it will serve to lower the overall cost of wholesale supply. 

Description of Services:

A simple annual and daily dispatch model was developed for the Ghanaian generation system to examine the role for the proposed solar project, within the system, over its economic life.  A range of scenarios was examined covering key variables and uncertainties such as gas supply, demand from the aluminium smelter, system expansion, daily demand curve and solar generation and the impacts of the current economic and financial problems in Ghana.