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Nauru Supply Security

Date: April 2014
Asian Development Bank | Location: Nauru
Area of Expertise: Low Carbon and Sustainability
Project Manager: Don Webster
Contact: don.webster@ppaenergy.co.uk

Project Description:

The Project was a Project Preparatory Technical Assistance assignment on the island of Nauru, central Pacific, to assess the condition of the existing power generation plant and building then to define the requirements for new generating plant and building repairs and upgrading to enable the installation of solar photovoltaic panels on the roof.

Description of Services Provided

PPA Energy assembled a team of experts covering the power engineering, structural engineering, economics and financial, environmental, social impact fields.  A national environmental specialist was also in the team.  Each expert was involved in field work in Nauru and contribution to the project preparation report.  Included in report preparation were definition of building works required, assessment of generator condition and selection of which generator(s) to rehabilitate, definition of new generation plant requirements,  cost estimating, economic analysis, preparation of specifications for the works and generation plant procurement and terms of reference for implementation consultants.

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