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Flexible Opex for an Uncertain Future

Date: June 2014
ETI | Location: United Kingdom
Area of Expertise: Smart Grids
Project Manager: Cliff Walton
Contact: Cliff.Walton@ppaenergy.co.uk

Project Description:

This project builds on a previous project, ‘Opex Framework for Energy Infrastructure’, in which an understanding of the opex costs associated with the energy infrastructure was developed.  This understanding was then used to inform the model developed by Sweett Group for ETI.  The approach for the Sweett model relates to four energy vectors: Electricity; Gas; Heat; Hydrogen

The aim of the project was to investigate further developments and future proofing for the assessment of opex costs associated with energy infrastructure.  In particular it sort to better understand what further work it would be of value to undertake. 

Description of Services:

  • Meeting with ETI to further increase our understanding of ETI objectives and issues, and a brief desktop review of relevant ETI models.
  • Review of sources of uncertainty:  consideration of the existing Sweett tools, and a review of sources of uncertainty within the opex model.  Establishment of issues which would merit additional more detailed research.  An initial review of historical trends and patterns within existing data, and understanding technology tipping points.
  • International perspective on hybrid energy systems and Sources of flexibility: An initial examination of the concept of hybrid energy systems, where energy is transferred via a combination of the energy vectors, research into possible sources of flexibility within the UK electricity, gas, heat and hydrogen infrastructures
  • Modelling Opex:  production of options for modelling these sources of uncertainty, and the potential of flexibility, of future opex costs associated with energy infrastructure.
  • Reporting and Workshop: final report followed by a project workshop to discuss next steps