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DNV Standalone Phase 3

Date: May 2013
UK Power Networks | Location: United Kingdom
Area of Expertise: Low Carbon and Sustainability, Power Sector Planning, Smart Grids
Project Manager: Sarah Carter
Contact: sarah.carter@ppaenergy.co.uk

Project Description:

PPA Energy was appointed as part of a consortium working with UK Power Networks on a project funded by Ofgem’s Low Carbon Networks Fund to evaluate the benefits that can be derived through improved utilisation of existing data sources and enhanced monitoring of the distribution network.  The demonstration was planned to be carried out in the London Power Networks area of UK Power Networks’s systems.  The project focused on: - reviewing the business requirements and data that should be collected from Remote Terminal Units (RTUs); - upgrading the existing database of system information with analysis tools to allow data to be manipulated and visualised; and - developing visualisation tools for the UK Power Networks business

Description of Services Provide:

PPA Energy was responsible for the overall project management of the integrated phase  the main objectives of which were to fully utilise the capabilities of the primary and secondary RTUs, continue to demonstrate the business benefits of smart collection, utilisation and visualisation of data in the areas of: Low carbon, Asset management, Planning, Network Operations and Control, evaluate appropriate solutions for the sites without RTUs (advanced monitoring demonstration), inform RTU and IT strategies, dissemination of knowledge gained from project to internal stakeholders, other DNOs and external stakeholders.

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